Baby Fruit Pacifier

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Introducing semi-solid food and fruits to your toddler and making them eat with fruit pacifiers, is a task in itself. Make the transition from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to nibbling on semi-solid food easy and enjoyable to both you and your baby. A fruit pacifier can be your secret weapon when you have a fussy toddler. Get a fruit pacifier from Babynest Boutique and make food-time, a fun time for your little one. The attractive colors and shapes in which fruit pacifiers are made will ignite your child’s curiosity. Kids will slowly learn to hold these fruit pacifiers and even eat by themselves. When kids gnaw on these pacifiers, the fruits get crushed. The mashed pulp that comes out of the pacifier is then consumed by the baby. This helps retain the original taste of the fruits as compared to puréeing them beforehand. Choose from a vast range of fruit pacifier brought to you by Babynest Boutique