Lovi Prolactis Two-Phase Electronic Breast Pump – (5/501med_exp)

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LOVI Prolactis Two-phase Electric Breast Pump is a medical product. It provides professional support in solving lactation issues. Perfect for the beginning of breastfeeding as well as when the mother wants to go back to work. Imitates the baby’s natural, two-phase suckling rhythm.

36,567.0044,121.00 (-17%)


• Two phases of expression reflect natural suckling rhythm. Stimulation imitates fast suckling movements of baby stimulating milk production and let down. Deep suckling reflects slower, deeper, efficient suckling of milk.
• Allows precise setting and observation of the 8-step suckling strength range.
• Turns Prolactis Electric Breast Pump into the Protect Manual Breast Pump.
• Saves individual preferences
• Help the user in creating a plan for individual suckling sessions and the times of day when expression is most efficient.
• Stimulates production and milk flow. Enables gentle and effective expression.
• Disassembling the massage cushion or leaving it allows the user to control the funnel size.
• Allows expression in any place
• Sealing disk, cap, and bottle allow secure food storage and feeding after replacing the disk with a Dynamic Feeding Teat®.
• Equipped with a convenient strap and compartments which hold the breast pump in place when travelling.

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Lovi Prolactis Two-Phase Electronic Breast Pump - (5/501med_exp)

36,567.0044,121.00 (-17%)

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