BB-12 – Baby Bib For 0-36 months


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Size: 30*33cm

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Polka Dot Print Baby Bibs:

Polka Dot Print Baby Bibs – Little kids make too mess while they eat. Their clothes are always dirty and this is a very distressing feeling for parents and guests. It is a very challenging job to make sure that your kid eats without creating any mess. An easy way to avoid this mess is to buy your baby bibs that save the clothes from getting dirty because the mess. Just help them wear a bib while they are eating and then take it off when they are finished, their clothes won’t get dirty. We offer you an extensive variety of bibs for your little angels. We have them in various designs and colors. This baby bib is for both girls and boys.

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BB-12 - Baby Bib For 0-36 months