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    Compact Steam Sterilizer (R504)

    Sterilize your babys feeding bottles easily and perfectly in this perfect Pigeon compact steam sterilizer. This sterilizer perfectly kills 99.99 Percent germs in a 12 minute sterilization cycle. Its safe to use and its energy saving.
    Hygienic, Safe, Healthy and Convenient.
    Ideal for babys fine hair and tender scalp.
    Soft yet firm nylon bristles gently untangles babys hair.
    Specially designed with rounded safety tips to ensure babys comfort and safety.

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    Farlin Automatic Steam Sterilizer (TOP-219) – Blue

    Farlin Sterilizer is designed to sterilize baby bottles, which can save more time to care for babies. The farlin Top 219 sterilizer will be a tool to help mothers sterilize bottles , drink water, eat miles of children quickly, limit the digestive diseases for children. Machine designed wide, can sterilize 3 bottles once, help mother save time, you will not take too much effort to kill bacteria for milk, food and drink This is an essential product for families with young children.
    Compact design for carrying your baby everywhere.
    Parts of the electric disinfection machine can be disassembled and cleaned.
    Easy to use and very convenient to sterilize baby bottles.
    Water resistant tray
    Hygienic and safe to use

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    Farlin Automatic Steam Sterilizer 220V (TOP-216)

    6 Bottles Can Be Sterilized Simultaneously Match For 6 Minutes With Only 90ML Water.
    Reheat Milk And Baby Food.
    Incubate The Bottle With Food Warmer Function.
    The Sterilization Activity Lasts For 3 Hours.
    Bisphenol-Free A Phthalate-Free Pvc-Free.
    Sterilizers Made Of Polypropylene And Do Not Contain Bisphenol A According To European Standards.
    A High Temperature Steam Sterilizer Helps Clean Harmful Bacteria Without Using Any Chemicals.
    Centralized Microprocessor With On-Screen Smart Computer Helps Track Remaining Sterile Time And Brings Safety Convenience And Efficiency

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