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    Cute Cartoon Bathing Shower Cup Light Pink And Pink

    • Designed according to children’s head shape, the soft rubber sticks to the scalp to prevent shampoo and water from flowing into the eyes. When washing, gently lift the baby’s chin to make it’s head tilt back slightly, half a cup of water, and the rubber sticks to the forehead. (Slightly backward), rinse, and it can wash the shampoo and water does not enter eyes.
    • Add a water retaining plate inside the cup to increase the water flow time and make the water flow more even, improve the comfort of shampooing. The soft rubber can be close to the baby’s scalp without any discomfort.
    • Can be used to rinse body and improve the fun of the baby’s bath.
    • Can be used to store small bath toys, multi-purpose, a lot of fun.
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